Supporting Health and Wellbeing Research

The following are some key areas of research we are interested in:

  • People prefer natural over hardscape settings, and preferences are predictors of the use of environments. The presence, number, and location of trees strongly predicted the amount of time that inner-city residents actually spent in outdoor common spaces. [Kuo, FE, WC Sullivan, RL Coley, and L Brunson. 1998. Fertile Ground for Community: Inner-City Neighborhood Common Spaces. American Journal of Community Psychology 26, 6: 823-851]

  • Outdoor stewardship volunteering is positively related to physical activity and self-reported health and depressive symptoms, especially among mid-life volunteers. [Hawkins, J.L., K.J. Thirlaway, K. Backx, and D.A. Clayton. 2011. Allotment Gardening and Other Leisure Activities for Stress Reduction and Healthy Ageing. HortTechnology 21, 5:577-585]

  • The World Health Organization identifies stress and low physical activity as two of the leading contributors to premature death in developed nations. [World Health Organization. 2006. Obesity and Overweight. Fact Sheet 311. Retrieved from ]

  • In 2011 Calderdale records reported 7% of people walk to work [] Promotion of horticulture activities and walking within the hospital grounds, and providing information of benefits/signposting will encourage people to be active as part of their everyday life.