Participatory Practice & Finding a Baseline


Participation in all project activities is at the heart of what we do. We believe that people from all walks of life should be involved directly in project design and delivery, allowing them to become co-authors, and to stimulate ownership and belonging, two aspects of community development, healthcare and wellbeing that are vitally important. We believe it is this that drives the long term success of a project.

With this in mind we aim to:

  • Open up thinking and self-belief
  • Allow ideas and decisions to develop organically
  • Create an atmosphere of interesting challenge
  • Create feedback mechanisms to instigate change
  • Support rights and empowerment



Finding the Baseline is where the project really begins. We aim to capture a wide range of people’s perspectives on Food Forests & Edible Spaces, including hospital staff, patients, visitors, professionals engaged with the hospital or who have key skills in community food forests, neighbours and people who pass by, in order to identify key information, especially in relation to people’s values, which will inform the design and engagement work.

Summary Report(October 16): report-summary_forest-gardens-at-calderdale-royal-hospital-finding-a-baseline

Full Baseline Report (October 16)