Incredible Health Centres

We are working in partnership with Incredible AquaGarden, who over the next two years will be funded by the CCG to create Incredible Health Centres, to promote and improve wellbeing, throughout Calderdale.

Incredible AquaGarden work with patients, staff, related services and the local community to develop edible plots, and deliver workshops around healthy eating and lifestyles, with a focus on prevention agendas, supported self-care and supported discharge from hospital, in line with the Care Closer to Home model.

The experienced team, will develop strong relationships with patients, staff, and the local community, to establish ‘incredible’ teams, on each site, who will be involved in ‘how to’ growing sessions and ‘pop-up’ community learning kitchens, which will teach patients, staff and the local community, how to cook seasonally and live well on local produce.

Work Completed To Date

  • Visits and initial Management and staff liaison and consultation

  • Identification of growing and cooking workshop locations (on-going)

  • Design and production of promotional material and awareness campaign

  • Launch event and press release

  • Recruitment of dedicated Growing Lead

  • Design and planning of edible plots

  • Planting schedules and seed sowing for use on sites

  • Raised bed design and materials sourced

  • Menu Design and Cooking Workshop Programme

  • Volunteer recruitment (ongoing)

  • Planning

  • Establishment of edible growing plots at 2/5 sites

  • Consultation and liaison to promote partnership approach – Staying Well Hubs, Halifax Opportunities Trust, Hospital Steering Committee, Altogether Better, Practice Health Champions, FFLP, The Outback, Recovery Steps, Hebden Bridge Library, The Real Junk Food Project, etc

Contact: Aine Douglas, Business Development Manager | 01706 813 448 |