Teas for Trees

We love telling stories and connecting people with the environment. 

As an arts practitioner specialising in mental health and participation, as well as a gardener, I have always recognised the need to connect with people on their own level, before engaging them in a new idea or concept.

At Calderdale, the outside space is a given. No one is particularly asked to engage with it, not least as a therapeutic space or part of the user experience. We needed to get people accessing the hospital, staff, patients and public alike, and connect them with the outdoor space in new and innovative ways, in order we could ask people about what they would like to see in their hospital gardens and how they would engage with them.

By using the popular cafe culture in hospitals, we thought we could catch people’s imagination with a cup of tea inspired by the garden. That’s how Teas for Treas was born.

teas for Trees logo



Our herbal blends ethically source, organic and skilfully processed. All they lack is a little water to infuse the taste and provide a tea that is nourishing and restorative for health and wellbeing.

Our teas our inspired by the forest gardens we grow in community settings. Most of the herbs are relatively common and you will have heard, seen or smelt them before.




Herbal Blends


Apple Pie Rosehip powder, rose petals, desiccated apple & a dash of lemon peel Uplifting and supports the immune system


Mad for Mint Peppermint, spearmint, garden mint & lemon balm Refreshing and calming, reduces anger and distress, including a tight stomach


Black Tea  & Herb Blends


Lavender Black Lavender flowers, Darjeeling tea Anxiety and stress relief, & related stomach ease


Black Rose Rose petals, assam tea Calmative & restorative, clears toxins and heat from anger


Lemon & Black Lemon verbena, assam tea Fragrant & vibrant, helps alleviate chronic stress, tension & nervous exhaustion

We will soon have the following blends available:

Restful Night, for promoting restorative sleep

Berry Bonanza, an anti-oxidant rich blend to alleviate environmental stressors.


Before you begin serving and for best results, agitate the loose leaf tea in its bag first to mix all the herbs and so the blend is correct.

Place a teaspoon per person in a warm tea pot (preferably one only used for herbs), add boiling water and allow to infuse, until desired strength is reached.

Download here: Tea Information_about, directions, blends

Now we have a little business plan for our teas, we’re hoping that a tea company will help bring our teas to life, and raise funds to plant more trees in Calderdale.

~ By Beth Morgan, Project Coordinator 


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