Urban Forestry Management for Sustainable Healthcare

We love trees!

A vital part of our work, is the promotion of urban forestry and urban forestry plans as part of sustainability healthcare management; looking at ways to identify and raise awareness of the massive benefits of trees within hospital grounds.

Urban Forestry is the management of trees for their present and potential contributions to the physiological, sociological and economic well-being of urban society.

Urban Forestry forms part of a larger topic called Ecosystems Services. 

Ecosystem services can be defined as the benefits that people derive from nature. These include

• Provisioning Services (providing benefits such as food and timber);

• Regulating Services (providing benefits such as carbon sequestration and flood protection);

• Cultural Services (providing benefits such as public amenity and opportunities for recreation);

• Supporting Services (providing benefits such as soil formation and biodiversity/habitats for wildlife).

We are hoping to map the whole of Calderdale Royal Hospital’s Trees, including our recent orchard trees, to contribute to the hospital’s Sustainability Report, but also to identify it’s contribution to the wider sustainability plans regarding green infrastructure.

NHS Forest

We are just in the process of becoming an NHS Forest, which aims to bring health and the environment closer by planting trees in healthcare services. We aim to work with national initiatives like this to engage more local people in a movement to plant more trees in the UK.

The NHS Forest is a project coordinated by the charity, the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare. Funded by charitable trusts, corporate and individual sponsorship, the project’s central aims are to:

  • improve the health and wellbeing of staff, patients and communities through increasing access to green space on or near to NHS land
  • encourage greater social cohesion between NHS sites and the local communities around them
  • spark projects that bring together professionals and volunteers to use new and existing woodland for art, food crops, reflective or exercise spaces and to encourage biodiversity
  • highlight innovative ideas to encourage the use of green space for therapeutic purposes



Forestry Commission Research Report – Delivery of ecosystems services by urban forests. 

NHS Forest Website: http://nhsforest.org/



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